Find your Corporate Magician

Experience the magic! In a world of corporate monotony, let's bring the wonder of magic to your company events, online gatherings, and team-building activities. Create unforgettable moments with the power of in-person or virtual magic shows designed to engage, entertain, and inspire.

Magicians for Your Corporate Event

There are plenty of magicians around the world. Some specialize in stage shows (e.g. America's Got Talent), others in street magic (e.g. David Blaine), others are pushing the boundaries of magic and psychology (e.g. Derren Brown).

For corporate events there are specialized magicians who understand corporate environments, expertly combining their magical prowess with a business savvy that appeals to all levels of an organization. They can adapt to various themes, use industry-specific jargon, and even incorporate your brand into their performances, ensuring a show that is unique, relevant, and undoubtedly memorable.

Elevate your corporate event to an enchanting experience. Magicians bring more than just entertainment - they bring unforgettable moments, wonder, and a unique edge to your gathering. In the business world, making a lasting impression is vital, and what better way to do so than with the surprise and delight of a magic act?

Strengthening Teams: Magic Shows for Team Building

Magic shows, whether performed in-person or virtually, are making waves in the corporate world as an unexpected and effective tool for team building. Let's explore why a magic show could be the game-changer for your team's development:

  • Promotes Engagement and Participation: Magic shows are designed to captivate and engage. Whether your team is in an auditorium or behind a screen, the interactive nature of a magic show encourages active involvement and can help foster a more vibrant and lively team environment.

  • Elevates Morale and Enthusiasm: Witnessing the impossible becomes possible in a magic show. This delightful, out-of-the-box experience gives your team a break from the routine, reducing stress and boosting morale. This can translate into renewed motivation when they get back to their tasks.

  • Inspires Creative Thinking: Magic shows stimulate the mind and foster creativity. As your team attempts to figure out the secrets behind the illusions, they engage in lateral thinking and problem-solving - skills that are invaluable in the workplace.

  • Strengthens Team Unity: Sharing the extraordinary experience of a magic show helps create bonds among team members. Regardless of physical location, the shared laughter, awe, and intrigue foster a sense of unity, promoting better collaboration.

The Future of Engagement: Corporate Virtual Magic Shows

In an age where remote work and online meetings have become the norm, virtual magic shows provide an innovative and exciting way to engage employees and clients alike.

Online magic performances are not just viewed, they're experienced. Virtual Magicians weave interactive elements into every show, involving viewers in the magic and ensuring everyone feels part of the spectacle, no matter where they're located.

Virtual magic shows are perfect for team building, as they encourage collaboration and problem-solving, all while providing a hearty dose of fun. The shared experience of witnessing incredible illusions can foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among your team, boosting morale and productivity alike.

Ready to Experience the Magic?

Here's How to Book a Virtual Corporate Magician

Embarking on your magical journey is easier than ever, and we're here to guide you through the process. While we love sharing the magic, we don't handle the bookings directly.

We've tried a few platforms and several booking ways. Below you can find a comparison between booking though Airbnb, through individual communication with magicians and through a specialized platform for virtual magicians, Talentfam.

This platform is trusted by corporations around the globe and offers a wide array of professional magicians specialized in corporate events, both virtual and in-person. Review each magician's profile, assess their unique styles, and choose the one that aligns perfectly with your event.

Logo of Airbnb
Logo of Airbnb
Logo of Talentfam

Ease of booking


Need to create Aibnb account

Multi-step manual process

Fast and clear process

Available Magicians


Not Airbnb's main focus

No limit in theory, but time needed


Wide range across the globe

Professionalism and quality


Not Airbnb's main focus


Need to do good due diligence

Top magicians are selected via application process

Cancellation policy

Airbnb's policy

Hard to manage refunds and communication

Flexible cancellation policy documented

Pricing structure

High commission driving high cost


Negotiable price, usually higher for companies

No commission for customer and transparent pricing

Secure payment

Airbnb's payment system

Usually through Paypal or similar payment options

Payments secured via Stripe

Communication / support


Support through bots


Manual communication via emails or phone calls

Live support and slot booking system

Got questions?

Please reach out!